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General Terms

  • CCWGA Match Committee reserves the right to make all arrangements, to fix and/or alter starting times and to alter or make any variations to the conditions of any event or to the program. The CCWGA Match Committee reserves the right to change the handicap limits or alter the number of divisions in each event, or, in the case of insufficient numbers, to cancel any event.

  • All disputes will be settled by the CCWGA Match Committee, whose decision is final.

  • Competition results will be published.

Event Eligibility
  • To be eligible to enter any CCWGA event, players must have a current GA Handicap and players may be requested to bring evidence of this to the event. Nationals’ resident in countries other than Australia must have a handicap certified by the body governing Women’s golf in that country.

  • Where an event is open to CCWGA members only, the player must be a financial member of an affiliated golf club.  CCWGA affiliated clubs are Breakers, Everglades, Gosford, Kooindah, Magenta Shores, Mangrove Mountain, Shelly Beach, The Springs, Toukley and Wyong.

  • All participating players must be amateurs.

General Information:
  • Handicap divisions for each event will be determined by the Match Committee.

  • One major trophy per event.

  • All entries are subject to the approval of the CCWGA Match Committee, which reserves the right to refuse entry.

  • Entries and fees for competitions must be lodged with the CCWGA Captain by the date specified on the entry form.

  • Late Entries: These may be accepted at the discretion of the Match Committee, the District Captain or her nominated representative. Late entries may be placed anywhere in the field.

  • Once entries have closed, no refunds are available, except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Match Committee.

  • Once a player has withdrawn from an event, for whatever reason, she may not re-enter. This does not apply if the event is re-scheduled.

  • The Rules of Golf, the Local Rules of the course at which the event is played, and any supplementary Local Rules as determined by the CCWGA Match Committee shall be the rules of play during the event.

  • In events where caddies are allowed, members of the PGA or LPGA (professional golfers) are excluded from caddying.

  • The deliberate use of drugs to enhance performance is forbidden and will result in disqualification.

  • The consumption of alcohol by a player or a caddie on the course during a round is forbidden and will result in disqualification.

  • CCWGA accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to a participant’s equipment.

Slow play:

It is each players responsibility to keep up with the group in front. It is deemed to be slow play if you fall behind for 1 hole or more from the group in front.  When a group becomes out of position all players will be notified they are out of position and subject to individual and group timing under rule 5.6a.

Undue slow play shall incur a penalty under rule 5.6a .

  1. First Bad timing - Warning​

  2. Second bad timing - 1 stroke penalty​

  3. Third bad timing - A two stroke penalty​

  4. Fourth bad timing - Disqualification

Motorised Transport

Is permitted unless otherwise specified. CCWGA takes no responsibility for the availability of carts at any of the courses at which their competitions are held.

Mobile Phones:

Making or taking a phone call by a competitor whilst on the golf course during an event is distracting and inconsiderate.  If the phone rings this is deemed to be inappropriate use and the committee may take disciplinary action against the offending player in accordance with Rule 1.2a Deliberately distracting other players. A mobile phone can be used for scoring (i.e Golf Genius App) taking photos and distance measuring device facility. It may be used provided that the facilities to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect play (i.e. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc) are NOT used.  However, the ‘phone communication’ facility of the mobile phone should be turned off.

Distance Measuring Devices

These are allowed but if they have the facility on them to measure anything else except distance e.g. gradient, windspeed, temperature etc. these facilities must not be used.​​

Dress Regulations: 

It is the responsibility of the competitors to know and ensure that they and their caddies comply with the dress regulations of the host club. Host Club officials are responsible for policing of regulations and NOT the CCWGA Officials. Players may be prohibited from competing in a competition for a breach of a club’s dress regulations.


No player may win more than one trophy (except Nearest the Pin) unless otherwise specified in the competition conditions of play. The number of trophies offered is at the discretion of the Match Committee and may vary with the number of entrants.

Nearest the Pin:

There will be a Nearest the Pin event in all competitions unless otherwise specified. A player submitting their name to win the NTP on a designated hole must do so on the CCWGA record sheet. If they fail to record the details or record it on some other sheet, their claim will not be recognised.


Online Scoring and or Paper Cards must be handed in or entered into the Golf Genius App as soon as practicable after the completion of play. It is the responsibility of the player to hand her card in or enter her scores into the Golf Genius App. Cards are deemed to have been handed in when the player has walked away from the scorer’s table or finalised score in the App.

Suspension of Play Procedures

If during an event it becomes necessary to suspend play other than for a dangerous situation, 3 consecutive notes on a siren or notification will otherwise be communicated to players. On being advised of this suspension players may either cease play immediately or complete the hole they are playing.  Once the siren has sounded, players must not commence play from the teeing ground unless at least one member of the group has already commenced play of the hole.

If during play, it becomes necessary to immediately suspend play for a dangerous situation such as lightning, players must discontinue play immediately. The signal will be one prolonged note of the siren or as otherwise communicated to players. Players must discontinue play immediately and must not resume play until permitted by the CCWGA committee.

Resumption of Play: 

As soon as conditions allow, 2 short notes of the siren, repeated, or notification otherwise communicated to the players, will indicate that play must be resumed. Upon being advised of resumption, play must be resumed immediately by all competitors on the course, as near as possible from where play ceased.                                                                                             

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