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CCWGA Pennants

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Pennant Terms of Competition

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There are 2 separate pools, named Banksia and Wattle. Once a player has played in one pool, they are ineligible to play in the other pool.


PENALTY FOR BREACH Disqualification of player and forfeit of any matches they have played in the second pool.



All matches must be played as per the draw.

All matches will be handicap match play using full difference of daily handicaps. Strokes are given as per the MATCH PLAY INDEX of the course at which the match is being played.

No match may go beyond the 18th hole.



Players must hold a current Golf Australia handicap.

Maximum playing handicap is 45.

Players with club handicaps are NOT eligible to represent their club.

Players may play for any club at which they are financial members but may only represent one CCWGA club during the season.


PENALTY FOR BREACH Disqualification of player and forfeit of any matches they have played during the season.



Handicaps will be determined by the player’s G.A. handicap on Golf Link as at 6pm on the regular competition day of their club in the week prior to the Monday Match Play.  This handicap will apply even if there are scores that have not been updated.


Players will play off their daily handicap for the course being played, as determined by the daily handicap chart that is provided to all clubs.


There is no restriction on individual handicaps except that the total of the GA handicaps for each team must be at least 120. If the total is less than required, the team is disqualified.


If only 6 players can play the lowest handicap play must play at position 1 and the following players in handicap order. The total of the GA Handicaps of the six players must total at least 95.


Players in each team must play in handicap order from lowest to highest. The exact GA handicaps will determine the order. If a player plays off an incorrect GA or daily handicap, and this affected either the order of play or the result of a match, all matches that are affected, are forfeited. Similarly, if a player plays out of handicap order, all matches that are affected, are forfeited.



Clubs may field ONE (1) team only in each pool.

Each team is to consist of SEVEN (7) players.



  • If there are only 6 players available in a team, the total of their handicaps needs to be at least 95. If this is not possible, the whole team must forfeit. The same rule would apply to the opposing team, ie. they may choose which player will not play, provided the handicap total of the remaining 6 players is at least 95.

  • Where a team is unable to field a minimum of six (6) players the whole game is forfeited to the opposition with the score being 7-0.



In the event that a Club can only field six (6) players in a team, the Opposing Captain must be notified as soon as possible. If a complete forfeit of a team is necessary, (fewer than 6 players available), notify the Opponent, the Host Club and the District Captain at the earliest time possible.



Fifteen minutes before the first tee time team captains are requested to exchange a list of their team players and handicaps in GA handicap order in which they are to play (lowest to highest).  A copy of the list is to be given to the official on duty at the same time. Positions in the team may not be altered after the lists are exchanged. 


Captains must toss to determine which team has the honour.

Winner of the toss must take the honour.


Starting Time.

Rule 5.3a applies. The player must start at the time established by the Committee.


Penalty for breach of Rule 5.3a If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play. Otherwise, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.

Exception: Where the Committee determines that exceptional circumstances have prevented a player from starting on time, there is no penalty.


The interval time between matches is 8 minutes and the starting time for each team player is worked out accordingly.  Even if the team is behind time in teeing off the originally calculated start time is the reference point for deciding whether a player has breached this rule.


If a player is delayed and her explanation accepted so that disqualification is waived, she must be at the course ready to play, within 8 minutes of the last match of her team having hit off.  No additional 5 minutes applies. The corresponding player, (e.g. Player No.2,) in the other team will wait. All other players play as originally planned.


The following are circumstances which may warrant the waiving of the penalty of disqualification when a player is more than five (5) minutes late:  This will be the decision of the Starter on duty at the course.


Major accident:  A major accident is one which involves multiple collisions and/or closures of major traffic routes.


First on Scene at Accident to provide medical assistance or act as a Witness for Police.


Unforeseen mechanical problems requiring assistance:

e.g., Car will not start because of a flat battery or flat tyre. Validation from a mechanic or NRMA must be produced.


The following are NOT valid reasons for waiving the penalty of disqualification under Rule 5.3a

Getting lost, heavy traffic, misreading draw or starting times.






  • Team lists have been exchanged and a player is late: The player must be at the tee ready to play at her tee time. As players go at 8-minute intervals her tee time will depend upon her position in the team.

    • Thus, for a team hitting off at 9am the number 3 player has a tee time of 9.16am and must be on the tee by this time.

    • She has 5 minutes grace and if she arrives ready to play after 9.16 but before 9.21, she forfeits the first hole.

    • If a player must forfeit the first hole the players walk to the second hole and commence play from there.

    • If she arrives any time after this she is disqualified, and the match goes to her opponent.

    • Even if the tee is running late, the player still must be at the tee by the original specified time.


  • Team Lists have been exchanged and the player does not show up or does not get there in time: All players on that team move up one spot leaving the 7th spot vacated and the 7th match is forfeited.

  • Team Lists have not been exchanged and a player is running late, or you are informed will not be arriving and there is no replacement:

The only option is to exchange lists. If the player doesn’t make it in time, or does not arrive, all players on that team move up one spot leaving the 7th spot vacated and the 7th match is forfeited.



On the completion of matches, Team Captains must ensure that the results are correct and sign the result sheet.  Once the captains of the teams have agreed to the results and have signed the results sheet then that day’s competition is closed, and the results announced.  The posted results on the board are a guide only and do not necessarily reflect the correct result.  Signing the result sheet does not prevent a team from lodging a protest.


The Official on Duty will then email the results to the District Vice Captain.



Points will be awarded as follows in both pools:

Win = 2 points           Draw = 1 point          Forfeit = 2 points

The team with the greatest number of points at the end of the competition is the winner.

In the event of a tie, a count back will be made on the number of individual games won. If no result is produced, then joint winners will be declared.



Protests must be lodged in writing by the Club Captain or her authorized representative as soon as possible after the match but no later than 10am the following day.  Protests are to be lodged with the CCWGA Captain.

All disputes will be settled by the CCWGA Match Committee, whose decision is final.


Penalty for Breach

If a Club Captain or her authorized representative fails to follow the protocol, then any protest is null and void and will not be acted upon in an official capacity.




In the event of bad weather in the days prior to a match the host club captains are asked to assess the condition of their course and if possible, make any decision to cancel the night before.


In the event of cancellation being necessary on the morning of the match please ring the captains of the clubs that have the greatest distance to travel first and notify the District Captain.


If lightning is threatened play MUST be suspended in reasonable time to get players off the course before the storm hits.


In the event of excessive rain at the start of or during the play of the matches, the Official on Duty has the authority in consultation with the team captains to suspend and start later or cancel play if she deems that the course is becoming unplayable.  Otherwise play must continue.  The Official on Duty has the final say.


Suspension of Play Procedures

A suspension for a dangerous situation will be signalled by one prolonged note of siren or as otherwise communicated to players.  Players must discontinue play immediately and must not resume play until permitted.

All other types of suspension will be signalled by three consecutive notes of siren or as otherwise communicated to players. Players have the option to cease play immediately if they are in the process of playing a hole, or to complete the hole and then cease play.


Resumption of play will be signalled by two short notes of siren or as otherwise communicated to players. Upon being advised of resumption, play must be resumed immediately by all competitors on the course, as near as possible from where play ceased.




If an overall team result has been obtained, that result will stand.


If there is no team result the match will be played at a re-scheduled time as arranged by the CCWGA Match Committee. Matches will only be re-scheduled if it will impact on the overall results of the competition.


Course Condition

In is the responsibility of the Lady Captain or their nominee is to assess the condition of their course in preparation for an upcoming Pennant Match.

a) Course open and carts will be permitted

If the course is open and carts are in play then the course is deemed fit for play for Pennants. No action required, play will go ahead as scheduled.

If the there are other conditions you are concerned about i.e. green renovations, number of temporary holes and or greens see point c).

b) Course Open, No Carts

If the course has suffered from rain and carts are either not permitted or there is a high chance that they will not be permitted, the Lady Captain is to advise the District Captain by the Wednesday (where ever possible) before the match so Teams can be selected appropriately for those available to walk.

c) Course open, however not playable

In some circumstances the Lady Captain may deem that the course is not suitable for Pennant Play. Considerations should be made for;

  • Conditions of greens i.e. water on greens, recent green renovations

  • Fairways too wet, no relief within 1 or 2 club lengths

  • Number of holes out of play

  • Temporary greens

  • Safety of players i.e. heat, wind, wet slippery terrain

 Where ever possible the Club Captain is to speak with their Green Keeper and/or Director of Golf to identify the condition of the course. Even walk a couple of holes of concern to see the suitability of play.

Once the Ladies Club Captain decides that the course is not playable they are to advise the District Captain as soon as possible. In some circumstances the decision may not come until the morning of the match due to overnight rain or change in conditions. If the match is to be cancelled the Ladies Club Captain, is to offer alternative dates to reschedule the match.

d) Course Closed

Advise the District Captain as soon as possible and offer an alternative date to reschedule the match.



Dress Regulations It is the responsibility of the competitors to know and ensure that they comply with the dress regulations of the host club.  Host Club officials are responsible for policing of regulations and NOT the CCWGA Officials.  Players may be prohibited from competing in a competition for a breach of a club’s dress regulations.


Caddies are not allowed.


Motorised transport is permitted. CCWGA takes no responsibility for the availability, use or booking of carts.


Distance Measuring Devices

These are allowed but if they have the facility on them to measure anything else except distance eg gradient, wind speed, temperature etc these facilities must NOT be used.


Mobile Phones

The use of a mobile phone by a competitor whilst on the golf course during an event is distracting and inconsiderate. If the competitor is in possession of a mobile phone, it should be turned off.  If the phone rings this is deemed to be in use and the committee may take disciplinary action against the offending player in accordance with Rule 1.2a Deliberately distracting other players. If a mobile phone has a distance measuring device facility it may be used provided the facilities to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect play (i.e. gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.) are NOT used. However, the ‘phone communication’ facility of the mobile phone should be turned off. The opponent and starter should be informed if the player plans to use this facility on the phone.


Penalty for Breach

One warning then disqualification. The opponent must give a warning and then make a claim in the event of subsequent use. Players who have a medical or other serious reason to have a mobile phone switched on may do so but must obtain permission from the starter for the phone to be turned on in mute mode and used in such an emergency. They should also notify their opposition.


If on the course there is a disagreement and either player is going to lodge a protest it is suggested that the match should be continued until the 18th hole.



The Rules of Golf, the Local Rules of the course being played, and any supplementary Local Rules as determined by the CCWGA Match Committee shall apply.


Full responsibility for the selection of team players rests with the Club and Team Captains.




The Margin Shield is played in conjunction with the CCWGA Pennant Competition and is named in honour of the Margin family for their support of the District since its inception.


Terms of the Competition

1. At the conclusion of the series, points will be awarded to each participating club, based on the position that they gained in each pool, before count backs were applied.


2.  Points will be awarded as follows:

1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point.


An aggregate of the points from both pools will determine the winner of the Margin Shield.


Where a position is tied each club will be awarded the same points, e.g. if two teams tie for first, each team would receive 3 ½ points. If tied for second, each team would receive 2 ½ points, etc.


In the event of a tied overall result, the club with the most individual match wins in both pools will determine the winning club. If still tied, joint winners will be declared. 

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