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CCWGA Events


Held in February this event signifies the start of the District golfing season. It is a 4 Person TEAM STABLEFORD competition open to players of all standards, who are members of CCWGA affiliated clubs, with a GA handicap, best two scores to count.



This is open to any player aged 50 and over. It is a STABLEFORD competition for players of all standards. Major trophy will be awarded to the best score over the field. Other prizes will be awarded to winners in age divisions.



This is held towards the end of the year and is a team event.  Each club must run a STABLEFORD competition day prior to Charity Day in order to select a club team. The best seven (4) players over the field on the designated club day are selected for the team – include reserves if needed. These four players are combined with the nine (9) handicap division winners of the STABLEFORD BROOCH to make a team of twelve (12). (See competition details under Stableford Brooch). This is a STABLEFORD competition and total (12) scores are calculated to determine the winning club team.



This competition runs over a season from February to July. The club must designate five (5) STABLEFORD rounds in the Golf Program between February and July of the competition year. The competition is played in three (3) handicap divisions. The best three scores out of a possible five are added together and the player with the best aggregate score in each division is the winner. The first 3 places (1st, 2nd & 3rd) in each Division are eligible to be part of the Charity Day team event. (See competition details under Charity Day)


The Drummond Golf Scramble in 2023 replaces the Gwen Thompson Memorial Shield. The Drummond Golf Scramble in 2023 will be a 3 person Scramble Event. There is no pre-qualifying and players will enter their own teams.



This is open to all handicaps.  It is a STROKE event and is played in two divisions. Both divisions will compete over 18 holes.



The tournament will be held over two days. For the singles events Division One & Two play STROKE and Three players play STABLEFORD.            




This is a STROKE event and comprises of several different sub sections. It is played in October or early November and is open to the players who qualify in each of the following sections at their own club. Some players may end up competing in more than one event concurrently. All divisions in all events will be played over 18 holes.


Club Champion                                        gross winners     Divisions 1, 2 & 3


Age Champions                                        gross winners     49yrs & under, 50yrs, 60yrs, 70yrs, 80yrs +


GNSW Medal Winners                            nett winners        Divisions 1, 2 & 3


Veterans Mabel McKenzie Brooch          nett winners        Divisions 1, 2 & 3

Veterans Mabel McKenzie Brooch          nett winner        seniors 70yrs+


This is a MATCH PLAY competition between affiliated clubs of the CCWGA. There is 1 Division comprising of 10 players. Players with any GA handicap are eligible, but team handicap total must be at least 170. Matches are played from April to June. Clubs may enter one team only. A Pennant presentation is held after all the rounds are completed to award the Margin Shield. 

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